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Iron & Steel Industry

Release Date:04-15From:Hebei Investment promotion ser


Iron & Steel, the Aircraft Carrier Setting Sail

◎The No.1 Pillar Industry of Hebei Province
◎The Output of Crude Steel Ranking 1st in the Country for 14 Consecutive Years
◎1/10 of the Global Steel is Produced by Hebei Province

Iron & Steel is the No.1 pillar industry of Hebei province. Ever since 2000,major iron & steel enterprises include Hebei Iron & Steel Group, Xinxing Ductile Iron Pipes Co.,Ltd, Jinxi Group, Hebei Jingye Group, and Tangshan Guofeng Iron & Steel Co.,Ltd.

Hebei is dedicated to promoting industrial restructuring, transformation and up-grading. With the rapid development of high-end products such as sheet steel for auto and home appliances, high-strength steel bars and steel sheet piling etc., Hebei is turning from a large to a strong province in iron & steel industry.

Hebei encourages its iron & steel enterprises to combine development with processing of overseas mineral resources, to develop in places rich in mineral resources mainly by way of green field investment, and to invest in construction of iron and steel production & processing bases, thus to extend the industrial chains in iron and steel processing and expand sales of iron & steel products.


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