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Matchmaking Meeting on Strategic Emerging Industry Information&Project was Successfully Held

Release Date:05-27From:Hebei Daily


On May 18, Matchmaking Meeting on Strategic Emerging Industry Information&Project,  sponsored by the Provincial Department of Commerce and the Langfang Municipal Government, was held at the Langfang International Conference& Exhibition Center. 99 projects from the world were distributed, attracting a lot of participants.

Zhang Feng, Deputy Director of the Provincial Department of Commerce said, “The industry of Hebei is accelerating its transformation and upgrading. Promoting green development and high quality development require an urgent need for technological innovation to lead the economic transformation and development. It requires the support of high-tech and high-end talent more than ever.” To this end, they have selected 63 overseas investment agencies for cooperation, focusing on strategic emerging industries such as big data and internet of things, information technology, biomedical health, artificial intelligence and smart equipment, and 99 cooperation projects were carefully selected for publication.

Zhang Jie, the chairman of Canada-China Business Innovation Alliance, took the first place. She brought five technical projects including water pollution control, energy management and air monitoring in Canada. “The innovative technology developed by Canada's water treatment company can harmlessly treat ammonia in water. It not only has high processing efficiency, but also has no pollution at all.” Using the huge electronic screen on the venue, she explained to the participants in detail.

“What we bring is a smart city development program that is developed in cooperation with U.S. companies. Through the 3D modeling of urban buildings and facilities, multi-dimensional and multi-level data superposition, a digital city can be implemented as a map, providing data support for urban fine management. ” Song Junde said, a member of the US-Asia-Asia Economic and Cultural Association as well as a professor at the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications.

"Around the 2022 Winter Olympics, we brought in Czech fixed ice rinks and mobile ice blanket manufacturing projects. We hope this project will help the development of the Hebei ice and snow industry." "Domestic honey is only worth more than 40 Yuan per kilogram and New Zealand Manuka honey is as high as more than 2,000 Yuan. We hope that this project will help people in Hebei mountainous areas to get out of poverty.”...... In the face of the "Hydrangea" thrown by the guests at home and abroad, the representatives from the park and the enterprises showed great enthusiasm.

The German Hörmann company designer Shen Yewen just stepped down and was pulled over by a fund company boss. He was handed in a business card and exchanged Wechat to talk later. Shen Yewen said that at the 5•18 Economic and Trade Fair, several companies had expressed interest in their company’s electronic control system technology and they had negotiated with them.

Based on the fact that Xinji will build a general airport and there is a large demand on energy saving and environmental protection, they will launch exchanges for and negotiations on Netherlands Aviation Industry Park, Canada water pollution control and other projects, Xinji Development Zone Management Committee Investment Cooperation Bureau Director Liu Hengbo said.

Many of these globally-recruited projects are cutting-edge technologies in today's world, which have built bridges for the accurate connection for enterprises in our province to cultivate and develop strategic emerging industries. A relevant person in charge of the Provincial Department of Commerce said that this event is mainly for release of information. With various development zones as their main body, they will also launch exchanges for and negotiations on Chinese-foreign cooperation projects to further promote the implementation of the projects on May 19th.