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Xu Qin Investigated and Surveyed in Langfang: Be Well-prepared for the 5•18 Economic and Trade Fair

Release Date:05-08From:Hebei Daily


On May 1st, Provincial Governor Xu Qin visited Langfang City to conduct research on the preparation of the 2018 China Langfang International Economic and Trade Fair (abbreviated as 5•18 Economic and Trade Fair) and presided over a preparatory work meeting. He stressed that we must thoroughly implement Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era and the Party's Nineteenth National Congress spirit, earnestly implement the deployment of the Provincial Party Committee as well as instructions or comments from Secretary Wang Dongfeng, adhere to the principles of innovation and opening up, high quality development and green fairs, and focus on practical results to hold a high-quality, high-level, internationalized economic and trade event with meticulous, elaborate and refined work style.

Xu Qin reviewed the construction and preparation of major venues for the Economic and Trade Fair, such as Langfang International Exhibition Center, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Big Data Innovation and Application Center, and the Silk Road International Cultural Exchange Center etc.

Xu Qin pointed out that the 5•18 Economic and Trade Fair is a national and international opening cooperation platform as well as an important window for our province to show its image and to expand its opening up. This year's Economic and Trade Fair was the first large-scale economic and trade exchange activity held in our province after the 19th CPC National Congress. The provincial party committee and the provincial government attached great importance and made a series of deployment and arrangements. The departments directly under provincial jurisdiction and Langfang and other cities should fully understand the significance to manage the Economic and Trade Fair. In accordance with the deployment and requirements of the provincial party committee and the provincial government, the province should strive to build an international exchange and cooperation exhibition platform that faces the world, serves the country, and promotes the province's innovation and development, green development, and high-quality development.

Xu Qin emphasized that the preparation for the 5•18 Economic and Trade Fair has reached the final and critical stages. All relevant departments at all levels must follow the instructions of Secretary Wang Dongfeng to work with a sense of responsibility and urgency, and work in a coordinated manner to ensure good preparations. It is necessary to further improve the overall plan and special plan, focusing on the key activities arrangements, key guest invitations, important venue layouts, etc., itemizing detailed items, setting out the task book, setting up the responsible person, and discharging the timetable to ensure the coordination and linkage of the overall plan and special plan, and a unified and complete system shall be formed in the layout, timing, and organization of the fair. The preparation of the project will be advanced, aiming at high-tech and high-end industries, focusing on the transformation and upgrading needs of Hebei, combining with a series of three-year action plans formulated and implemeted by our province to do a good job in project screening and exchange and increase the number as well as improve the quality of contracted projects in order to achieve tangible results. The organization of the exhibition must be further enhanced. We should learn from advanced experience at home and abroad and highlight the topic of “innovation, coordination and openness”. The exhibition should reflect the characteristics of the new era and internationalization, and ensure the professionalism, high standards, and creativity of the fair. We need to strengthen the implementation of responsibilities. The exhibition is sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce and the provincial government with the provincial Department of Commerce as the competent department and Langfang as the host city. The ministry, province and city are linked to one another, and they cooperate closely to ensure good reception, environmental renovation, traffic organization, food safety, stadium facilities, security, publicity and other security works. Each specific plan is dedicated to the department and the responsible person who should fulfill all preparatory tasks with a full spirit and a strict work style in order to make the fair have the new era characteristics, embody the requirements of high quality development with innovation, opening up, greenness and frugality.