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Wuan Flat Tune Luozi

Release Date:03-21From:Hebei investment promotion service center



Wuan Flat Tune Luozi is the generic term of Wuan Flat Tune as well as Wuan Luozi. Indeed, Wuan Flat Tune and Wuan Luozi are two exclusive local operas of Wuan City, which are usually performed together and habitually called Wuan Flat Tune Luozi, which widely spreads in Handan, Xingtai, south of Hebei Province, Anyang, Xinxiang, north of Henan Province, Changzhi, southeast of Shanxi Province and other areas.

Wuan Flat Tune is commonly known as the grand opera, which was approximately generated in the transition period of Ming and Qing Dynasties. It was the combination of Henan Huai Ditty and Wuan folk music. There are over 200 traditional repertoire of Flat Tune, with fully complete roles. As for the music accompanied, the leading instrument is Er Xian, which is the one and only one here in the whole China, and is still needed to be specially customized.

Wuan Luozi was originally named Lotus Luo, which was developed from “Hua Chang” spread in Wuan in the late Qing Dynasty. There are more than 140 traditional performances altogether of Wuan Luozi. And due to the close association with the local dialect, its voices own the feature of being quite colloquial.