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Visual effect project

Release Date:04-21From:Hebei Investment promotion ser

1. Project main uint: 

Main participation enterprise: South Korea DEMOLITION, MAGE FX STUDIO, Seoul Action College. 

Project name: Sino-Korea Visual Effect Center     

2.Content abstract::        

1). Television advertising cultural market is already global integration business. We can find that the American, Japanese and South Korea cultural creative industry output account for 20% to 30% of each country’s GDP. Among that the visual effect account for 40% in the creative work. The construction of Visual Effect Center is positioned to serve the global television advertising cultural market. 

2). Visual Effect Center can integrate studio, marketing center, college, exhibition, conference, theme park, community, rental service platform and tourism etc.

3). The cooperative South Korea visual effect team gathers original, advanced science and technology, perfect sophisticated equipment, education, investment and markening, which has won numerous honors and awards in the industry. 

4). The advantage of Sino-Korea cooperation is the culture of China and South-Korea is connected to each other, science and technology and market are complementary. To build a Visual Effect Center in China can promote our country cultural industries, and will be the first Cultural industry quarter.

5). Visual Effect Center implementation flow graph: First, to build an office in China; Second, build Sino-Korea Visual Effect Center; Third, Sino-Korea film cooperative cause; Fourth, global entertainment business.

3.Cooperation mode:

The South Korea may consider finding a cooperative partner for joint investment. 

4.Contact number:0311-87909682